Photography: Tuesday’s Photos


On my day off on Tuesday i went to Hessle Foreshore with a Powershot Camera, which was the first time i used one before and took some photos from this side of the foreshore just to test the camera out. As you can see below i experimented with different types of shots like Depth of Field, Leading Lines etc and messed with the aperture and shutter speeds to try and get the best shots possibly but this was a problem for me. This was the first time i have used a Powershot and various people in class have said that it hasn’t got the same utilities that a 40D camera has. With the 40D cameras being so rare to lend out i have booked one for Monday till Wednesday so i can take some great quality shots from all over the Humber Bridge because this is a camera that i am more comfortable with and spend money on the tolls so i can to Barton Upon Humber to get some shots of that side like no one else has when doing this project before. Here are the Photos i got from Tuesday:




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