Crafts and Media Technologies: Camera Shot List


With all the work i have been doing inside and out of the classroom i have therefore developed a Camera Shot List for my 1 minute video. It’s very detailed and it involves every vital part of the video and that part is assigned a shot out of the many. Here is my document below:

Camera shot list

First Scene

Front door opening and woman entering – Medium Shot

Woman putting hat on hanger –Close up, Like a James bond shot when he’s in the office but not of him throwing it on the hanger just the close up of the hat being put on the hanger with them both coming into shot.

Man in kitchen with back turned to the door – Close up shot of the man’s face in focus and behind the face you can see the woman hanging up her jacket etc. out of focus

Man needs to be seen in the kitchen in various shots – Medium shot of man from behind either chopping something up, with a pan on the oven. Also we could have a medium shot with him having an apron on flipping the frying pan. We could also have an extreme close up of the guy’s eyes, and then close up shot look at the frying pan. Insinuating that he is actually cooking

Man needs to be seen turning around to ask the girlfriend something – camera on the far wall catching the guy turning around and then the camera moving to a over the shoulder shot with the woman in focus but you can see some of the guy.

Man gets on with cooking – medium shot in the middle of the two people focusing on the guy with head slightly turning to the kitchen worktop again.

Second Scene

Woman Waiting – Medium shot off the edge of the table of the woman waiting with excitement with the table laid out in a romantic way, waiting for the guy to deliver her meal.

Guy comes in with the plates – Over the shoulder view with the two plates in either hand, towel of the other shoulder and the woman and table out of focus knowing that the destination is the table.

The meal – These shots will have various perspective views as in the camera will be acting as if they are looking out of the man and woman’s eyes. This is the perfect shot for a conversation because I want to see both of them talking with expressions unlike having a medium shot seeing both of them two in shot you wouldn’t know who’s talking. I plan to have the odd medium shot with the camera on the table just to tell the viewer that they are 2 people in this scene but then cutting straight back to the other person perspective view.

Third Scene

Couch scene – Starts with a close up of the woman shouting “gfdgsgsd” at the television screen with headset on playing a video game on the Xbox. A View to get both of the them in shot would be another other the shoulder shot but getting the couch she is sitting on, the woman with headset on and the tele with the video game on. I could take a screen grab of the game to make sure that she is playing a so-called “man’s game” then panning out to a wide shot with the focus being on the woman in view of the tele.

I think you have read through this in class, all i have to do now is actually shoot the scenes, were I’m going to borrow a video camera and tripod from stores before the weekend and then have the full week filming.

Thanks, Hope this Shot list is alright.