Interactive Communication Design Research


When i first started out on planning my Portfolio Website i thought i would do some Research. Here are a couple portfolio websites i have researched and really like:




  1. I really like the first ones header, I think im going to implement the expanding header into my designs because it gives a reliability to the website for the user knowing that if he scrolls up to the top that he will hit the header on every page.
  2. On the second one i like that the navigation bar is apart of the header not below on other websites and that the logo is beside it, also indicating that if the user gets lost within the web page he can just scroll to the top of the header to see the nav bar there also. Its Accessible!!
  3. I really do like the last one and this is the one i would most likely to implement this into my website is that they have an expanding header and footer with content in both of them. In the header their is the logo and navigation bar and they is space in the middle for all my content.



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