Cats – Fourth Lesson


In Cats Week 4 Lesson 4, we went very deep into the experience of modern life. We explored the terms like Modernism and Modernisation and the factors  behind them. As you can see by my notes i write down modernism is the culture regeneration of what is new, what is modern and what is not. Therefore Modernisation is the process/reaction of change that causes modernity in the culture sphere. The way i class wither its in the modernity period or not, historically between 1880 and 1960 and the the things it looks at deeply is the modern art and how that is changed from maybe the first ever photo to in that period. It doesn’t just look at the style of art and photography it looks at all sorts like literature, music, design, philosophy, plays which are all valued to be there for what they have brought through the generations and what we can relate to. We also looked at industrialisation, what it means and where it begin in the 18th century and when it spread to.

i give us a brief description of industrialisation because they will be a longer explanation in my log book but what it is, is the economy building better things for the whole world. So what we see is more cities getting built to spread the numbers and because of these cities getting built work and jobs are being creating for building, buildings, the economy is raising like it hasn’t seen before. Things like the Eiffel Tower and the Crystal Palace are getting built as apart of this rise of the industrial side of the world to create landmarks and provide more jobs.

Notes that i took of that lesson are bellow :

CATS 4th Lesson

CATS 4th Lesson Page 2



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