Flash Website: Category Page


Here is my Category page that will be under work in the navigation bar but this will show all the category’s that i will be doing in year one and only because i don’t really need to put semester 2 in or year 2 or 3 because i haven’t go their yet so i would of been doing that for nothing and can do it later if need be. Once you click on a a link it will take you to a page that will be the framework for each link and will have various detail and evaluation but ill get to this on the next page when i talk about content.

Here is a picture of the Category page:


Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 06.28.29

As you can tell its actually what i wanted from my first design, meaning it has a a computer with each category on. The only negative thing which i think i have done about this page is that i didn’t  have enough time to do interactive keyboard that when you click a letter in comes up on the screen but i thought this would be hard to do and also it will consist of a lot of time and i didn’t really see how would this work on the computer.

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