Flash Website – Design


When we was given the assignment of creating a website in flash i thought along with others that it would be a great idea to model my flash website design around my portfolio website i am doing for interactive communication design, but throwing in some flash elements that i have learnt and you will see throughout my planning of this website.

Here is a template of what my flash website will look like :





  • Logo – The logo which i will be creating is for my own personal branding in the subject visual communications and i thought it would be great since im branding myself as this, it would be only sensible to implement this into my portfolio website.
  • Navigation – This will be a simple navigation bar where you click on the options and it will drag you to that page. Simple and not complicated.
  • Computer and the subjects – I really like this idea that’s why its actually in my portfolio website because it describes that i use computers etc. So i created a desktop like situation where the computer will be showing what subjects i do where the user will be able to access this by just clicking on it.
  • Keyboard – the keyboard is just there for show but in various ideas i had i could use this and create buttons for each letter and it would actually be like they are typing on another keyboard. But i thought this would be time consuming.

and i am thinking of more ideas to implement some flash elements i learnt off the lessons we had

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