Flash Website: Front Page


After a couple of days i have finally created the front page that will from the framework for the full flash website. Here is a picture of the front page:

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 05.51.12

As you can see from the picture above its very different from the design i posted but that’s because this is the front page and that was more of just a framework.  Their is a picture to make sure this is my website and that is verified by the text on the left saying that this is the portfolio of Ross Barnett.

  • The Picture – I thought to myself how can i make this flash website more flashy and what i mean by this is how can i get some flash elements that i learnt from the lessons we did in class and this is how i did it.  So i implemented the rotation to it so whenever anyone clicks on my photo it will rotate and keep rotating every time you click on it, which i thought it doesn’t really mean anything but more interaction between the user and the flash page.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 05.58.05

  • Traveling Text – I though it would also be a good idea to have text traveling across the bottom of this front page just to add another flash element and something we haven’t done in class, so something i have learnt to do.  The text consists of hello wrapped in a div from html, so the users see’s this and if they have the knowledge they recognise that the text is from html and they are a web designer.

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