Interactive Communication Design: Final Outcome


In this post my portfolio website is finished and this is basically a round up of how it looks. So here we go:

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 22.59.24

Here is my homepage and it looks like it completely different from my final design because this is my home page and the final design is for my work. In this page it consists of a photo to make sure the portfolio your looking at is none and then way of contact which is my Facebook and twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 23.08.25

This is my work page and this is basically a computerised summary of this website that basically shows all my subjects then links it up to that page which i will show in the next photo. But when i get round to it this will show my work from work 2 and 3 if i get to it, no point of me putting it on now cause i haven’t even got their yet.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 22.54.45

and here is the last page and every time you click on a subject one of this will show up and these are in the same layout but obviously subjects. Here we have a conext which has come out of the brief the desciption which is not like the brief because that can change. Also this page consists of a Evaluation and then a picture on the right of that text that will link you to my blog or evidence showing you have have done the task for example my flash page with give you a link to my flash website i have done.

Overall i am very happy with this website and i will continue to work on it to make it even better after the deadline has passed.



Crafts and Media Video : Evaluation and Video


I have finished shooting my 1 minute video and edited it to the best of my ability and has been uploaded onto my portfolio website.

When i was shooting the video and tried to use my actors to the best of my ability but with them being my parents i didn’t really want to push them to much because they was doing me a favor an they was basically my last chance to shoot a video being it was the last day i had the video camera  etc.

I thought with me setting the video within a household that my house was the best place to set it because it didn’t involve me renting out the place and also getting lights out of the store because i thought if i use natural lighting it would make it like it is actually happening in the day time not having lights their for effect.

If you compare the actual video to the script then you will see that some of the scenes are not what i filmed and the general outcome is what i didn’t expect but even great series and films always alter their script when shooting and  i think i have shot a great video and the general message i wanted to get out of it was the same.


Information Architecture : Timeline

Hi ,

With both of my websites i try and add a jquery type side to it so i can add a bit of style and user interaction to my website but i now know that you dont need to have that to make your website as slick and simple, knowing that some jquery examples can also be a bit complicated at times, that’s what i didn’t want my website to be.

So i decided that with me doing a Liverpool FC history site, i thought that i would apply a timeline where the user would be able to browse the football clubs history, so i decided to browse i couple of websites for example jquerys i could implement them into my website.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 20.51.13


So i did some experiments with the first one, because i really liked that one and it didn’t go well. I only wanted it to be simple but  i tried messing around with the divs and then finally give up with it in the end.

So i decided that instead of implementing Jquery in my website, when tried before with the navigation it didn’t work in my preferred browser, i’d just do my own.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 21.08.41

The timeline consists of the main events that have happened up till the present day, with the key dates highlighted in bold. Along the side is a red timeline with the dates aligned with the key information on the left. The information has the right amount of detail on each event, because having all of the information i might aswell right a book and the users are more interested in the key dates like Hillsborough 1989 which has more because its a key date in Liverpool’s History and no one can disagree that.