Crafts and Media Video : Evaluation and Video


I have finished shooting my 1 minute video and edited it to the best of my ability and has been uploaded onto my portfolio website.

When i was shooting the video and tried to use my actors to the best of my ability but with them being my parents i didn’t really want to push them to much because they was doing me a favor an they was basically my last chance to shoot a video being it was the last day i had the video camera  etc.

I thought with me setting the video within a household that my house was the best place to set it because it didn’t involve me renting out the place and also getting lights out of the store because i thought if i use natural lighting it would make it like it is actually happening in the day time not having lights their for effect.

If you compare the actual video to the script then you will see that some of the scenes are not what i filmed and the general outcome is what i didn’t expect but even great series and films always alter their script when shooting and  i think i have shot a great video and the general message i wanted to get out of it was the same.



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