Information Architecture : Timeline

Hi ,

With both of my websites i try and add a jquery type side to it so i can add a bit of style and user interaction to my website but i now know that you dont need to have that to make your website as slick and simple, knowing that some jquery examples can also be a bit complicated at times, that’s what i didn’t want my website to be.

So i decided that with me doing a Liverpool FC history site, i thought that i would apply a timeline where the user would be able to browse the football clubs history, so i decided to browse i couple of websites for example jquerys i could implement them into my website.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 20.51.13


So i did some experiments with the first one, because i really liked that one and it didn’t go well. I only wanted it to be simple but  i tried messing around with the divs and then finally give up with it in the end.

So i decided that instead of implementing Jquery in my website, when tried before with the navigation it didn’t work in my preferred browser, i’d just do my own.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 21.08.41

The timeline consists of the main events that have happened up till the present day, with the key dates highlighted in bold. Along the side is a red timeline with the dates aligned with the key information on the left. The information has the right amount of detail on each event, because having all of the information i might aswell right a book and the users are more interested in the key dates like Hillsborough 1989 which has more because its a key date in Liverpool’s History and no one can disagree that.



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