Crafts and Media Photography : David Lee


As apart of my research i researched some photographers that have taken photos of the Humber Bridge before and this one guy standed out in my searches and he is the Humber Bridges main photographer and his name is David Lee.

He’s taken some great pictures of the Humber Bridge but you expect from a professional like he is, so i decided before i take any pictures i would have a look at his and then try and work out new angles that i can show the techniques what i have learnt in class and also get some great quality shots.

I cant show you know pictures on here because he has disabled his website from copying which is notable dew to his great photos. But they are some great photos like where he’s staring up at the one of the pillars with a blue sky behind it, which i tried to resemble in my portfolio and also the own where he’s underneath the bridge from the Barton Upon Humber side because he’s from Barton, i resemble this as the one where im shooting from underneath the bridge.

This was the only photographer i could find who did a portfolio on Humber Bridge.



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