Information Architecture and Information Communications Design : Reference


Ever since the first lecture with Kevin, he has been talking about a guy called Steve Krug and telling that we have to read is book in the library because you get these fake web designers who think that creating a website is a doddle and you can just put stuff he and their with out taking any consideration for the user but Steve Krug makes it out what it should be, into a piece of art. Steve Krug knows what hes talking about when i researched working for the likes of giants in the web world like Apple and A.O.L, so i decide that i would give him a reference when creating my website because i think it was sensible to resemble someone who actually knows how to build and take the users into consideration when making a website.

So i saw this good one which i took into consideration when building my website, and that is:

Instructions Must Die

The other major source of needless words is instructions. The main thing you need to know about instructions is that no one is going to read them at least not until after repeated attempts at “muddling through” have failed. And even then, if the instructions are wordy, the odds of users finding the information they need is pretty low.

Your objective should always be to eliminate instructions entirely by making everything self-explanatory, or as close to it as possible. When instructions are absolutely necessary, cut them back to the bare minimum.

So with this red before i built my website i took it very lightly not to put instructions within my both of my websites.



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