Visual Communications : Assignment Overviews


Just want to make my last post for visual communications for semester 1 to be a overview of both assignments and this is what its going to be in this post.

First Assignment –

The first assignment which was given out was the make and brand your own company with using the likes of Adobe Illustrator etc to create your brand. This was a new challenge to me because i have never branded a company or even created one before, so this was a challenge but a exciting one. Also i didn’t know how to use Illustrator at the start but i thought it would be basically like Photoshop and i can use that so they was same substitutions.

So at first i messed around on Illustrator just to get me familiar with the surroundings on this application and this is shown on the first post on this category of the blog.

This is a design agency that specialises in fast moving marketing products to promote upcoming businesses. For example the main aspects the business excels in is web and app developments and social media. I had a problem with copyright with this brand because of the star wars being portrayed in this brand and that’s because George Lucas is a bit protective of his creation which everybody would be. So this is what i put in the presentation:

As you can see in the logo there’s a death star in it which is obviously from Star Wars. With Star Wars being one of the best worldwide film franchise and also being a big fan of the films I wanted to recreate that into the my brand. With the time barrier on this task it would have been hard for me to create a Deathstar that has the same quality to the exact one. So I copied one from the internet and traced it on illustrator and made the image mine.
So in my product guidelines i looked at other brands that have used this, and they have credited star wars just like i.
Second Assignment –
The second assignment i really like and that was branding myself and i really liked doing that because Ive only been branding as myself before, so this is something new. I found this quite hard to come up with a branding logo that resemble me but the night before the presentation it came to me, why don’t i just use my username on some websites which is RB94, i wanted to some up myself in a logo, then define that in the Business card.
Something that i put on my presentation that i felt that i was more confinement in because i felt that RB94 brand was up to a better standard then Deathstar Productions, and that was :

•Simple, Stylish, Elegant
•Font Type is Arty
•Has that look of a Web Designer
•Links to I planned for it to say and look like.
•Has that edge to it aswell, rather then it looking straight and boring
•Could also mean that the box is round a container
Also at the same time i was producing this brand i was designing my website and thought that it would be a good idea to use my brand in it, and you can see this by looking at my portfolio website student websites on the new media website.

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