Visual Communications : Assignment 1 Rationale


Rationale Explanation

Company Name: Deathstar Productions


This is a design agency that specialises in fast moving marketing services to promote upcoming businesses. For example Web and App development, Games Design, Social Media. A way you could look at this is a new company has just started and wants to advertise its business in all the new area of technology. That’s where Deathstar Productions steps in, it products there companies. With the staff of Deathstar Productions they all have their specialized area of expertise wither that will be in Web Development, so creating high quality Web Pages to get the company up and running for a admin or creating apps for there workplace like a seating plan app for example.



How I came up with the name:


Well with me being a big star wars fan like everyone else you would probably know that the Deathstar is from that successful franchise. Also with me watching the film series just recently I couldn’t think of anything apart from Star Wars aswell as this I wasn’t the most creative in ideas of creating a brand so I took the Deathstar as the sign of space as like ‘space is the limit or out of this world’ one of these could be the tagline. I have gone into to deep research about using the Deathstar image because I know LUCASFILM are real touchy when using any product that they have created but with this business not being introduced into the business industry its alright to go with branding the Deathstar image in my branding.


Research on other business that have used copyright material:


I have looked through various web pages on that Internet and actually found out that there isn’t many businesses have branded their name with fictional objects within the Star Wars world. Throughout my research I found a very interesting web page called:’ that gave me a small list from A to Z of the real world businesses that are running today. I have browsed through many but just found the one business that I could relate my brand to:


Rebellion Developments  – Rebellion Developments is a video game development company. They made two PlayStation Portable titles, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.

I’m sure that they are many Star Wars fanatics that have or would set u a business with the franchise in mind., but its hard to find without them posting it on the internet. Also these names could be based not on businesses but on also on Internet based services like Pages, Blogs, forums etc. But this wouldn’t be suppressing the boundaries of branding because this could also be made to be fan pages, because its only seen to be illegal if you are making money out of the franchise that what LUCASFILM or any production company don’t like.



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