Visual Communications – Assignment 3 Choice


In the Assignment brief it states it pretty clear that in this assignment we are exploring the art of editorials.

So in this assignment we have to pick between 3 things and these are:

  • Graphic Novel
  • Magazine
  • Brochure about an Event

The one i have chosen is the Magazine but haven’t thought of a theme of such yet and looking forward to Dave about what are the boundaries of the theme it can stretch to.

The reason i have chosen the Magazine is because we have been doing a lot about grids etc in class and knowing that they all can be used within each option i feel that it is relevant that i use it it the magazine because i read a lot of magazines from EDGE, XBOX 360 magazine and web development magazines.

The graphic novel didn’t really face me because the idea of be drawing a person is hilarious, so me trying to do a heap of artwork for a novel would be impossible.

Also the brochure was in my consideration but i had no event to do it on although i could of made up one.

The next couple of posts on this WordPress will be all the research that i have done about different magazines that are out their, editorial designers etc



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