Visual Communications – Assignment 3 Typography


I wondered with my other assignments i only dipped into the typography research a little bit online, but did many experiments offline with different type faces on illustrator etc to get my final design which you will see in some of the earlier posts of Visual Communications.

But just looking at day to day things like posters and leaflets stuff like that, i have found some of best typography that i can relate to or even just state the fact that i like and also can implant these into my magazine.

So here are a couple that i like but some that i have decide and undecided that will make the final cut for my magazine even though this is still at the development stages and everything is a possible until i and the users i let look at the magazine give me positive and open to negative feedback :


This and a couple more are wrestling one because i was looking for a wallpaper and thought these would be great examples of typography. I like in this one that ‘The Shield’ is made up with words associating with them and this is something i could fit onto my front cover.


Another wrestling one, but i like how the ‘Awesome’ in the background is his saying and it is lit in show lights, something that probably wont gel into my designs but i have lots more.


Something i could defiantly do with keywords etc but these are just players names in the same type face but just different font size and some are joined together but i really like this and my find someway it could possibly fit into one of my double page spreads.


I really like this design for a content page which i could span across a double page spread and something that i will defiantly put into my final work because i really like this design.



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