Designing for the User : Examples of Websites


Seen as my subject area is Party Organising for Older Adults, i have researched numerous times on the internet and i have only found 2 websites that are owned by the same company in America but deliver the same outcome.


As i have said both of these are based in America but they highlight all of the various venues around that state and then the user can book that venue by one click of the button.

These websites are really simple and i will be looking at how i can promote the venues and implement the interaction of the user.

I have done some sketches in my notepad on how i would like to plan it out and that will be submitted with at the end of semester 2.

Obviously knowing that England haven’t got the venues like America have so i will have to research into different venues like ie Riley’s Snooker Club and that would have to be suitable for an Older Adult party.



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