Designing for the User: Target Audience


With Today Lesson, Kevin has told us a valuable lesson and something that will we carry with us throughout our Web Design Career, and that is :

You Cannot Design the User

It Doesn’t Matter what industry in and you are designing something to go public and for the Users to view and interact with, i now know that i wouldn’t dare consider my audience perspective because you are building it for them.

In terms of what i am doing which is the Party Booking Service for Older Adults, i really need to define what a older adult is.

With Recent research i reckon that a older adult is :

  • Between 40-60
  • Could go 5 years each way
  • More sensible party structure i.e Dont want to be sending a load of 60 year old to Big Fun etc

I have furthered my research by sending a email to just to verify what they define a older adult, because they are already been in the market and are still a existing business.



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