Visual Communications : Assignment 3 – After Presentation


After the Presentation today i will produce a couple of thoughts about my feedback, a couple of tweeks that Dave said i could do and then what of the tweaks i have done.

Overall i was happy with my feedback from Dave and the class, saying that they really like it but it needs a couple of tweaks to get the best out of the magazine.

This tweaks was :

  1. Alter text on the double pages
  2. Hypernation off
  3. Graphic on first page of the content double page, just induct the text more to the graphic.

What i have done …..

  1. Ive put word spacing from 0 to 30 to make the text easier to read and not conjoined
  2. Hypernation have been turned off
  3. The Graphic had stayed in the top left of the page as like a explosion dragging you in with the rock effect spurting out of it. So for the text instead of it having it just below the graphic i have moved it so its on a path out of the explosion.



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