Crafts and Media : Photography – CD Cover 2


Im having problems thinking of a idea for my CD cover but when i was researching this second CD cover which will be based on a band or solo artist, i picked up great ideas i could do because i will just copy of their cover because that is the task.

When Mark red out the assignment options out, with me being a big U2 fan i was thinking of numerous CD covers in my head and this one stuck out in my head.


U2 – War

This is a great example of a great band at their peak bringing out a simple but effective CD Cover, which also sold well.

Seen as i dont have a little boy to take a picture like the one in this, im just going to take a picture of myself and style it on how you can see on this front cover.

This CD cover will be in a blank CD with a break in the middle and a back cover aswell.



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