Designing for the User : Photoshop Template


Im just thinking through various ways i can interact the user to the website and i am thinking javascript, jquery the full lot. I want to implement all this into the website because i want the best possible experience for the user.

So after i go the Party Organiser for older adults i started researching and i found this American website that is a Party Organiser and i like their template, i’d like to use that template and alter it abit.

The website is

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 23.12.12

So went on Photoshop and just tried to design a simple template that matched this, didn’t really think of a colour palette because that will be decided later. Also in this template is shows some picture sliders that i will be adding to show of my venues. Here is the Photo :


This website will be responsive that’s why the buttons for Book Now and See All are so big, so the user can click on them on a tablet.



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