Crafts and Media : Photography – First CD Cover Design


I thought before i start taking photos i will sit down and sketch out what i am thinking about how i will layout my first CD cover.

I sketched it out then scanned it, here it is :

My Front Cover

The CD is potraying my specialites as a solo artist. The title cover is Ross Barnett – Rise of Destiny and it has on the front cover half of my face with the title on the right and then on the back cover it will have the other half of my face with the tracks and how long they are on for. Down the spine they will be the title again with the label that will be my favourite label because they was the label of my favorite band and that is Island.

As you can see by the image the image of myself i have used is the same as the one that i have used in the U2 Cover, War. This is because im not a good drawer and these are only sketches and the real thing will be different.



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