Designing for the User – Venue Page Layout


Looking on from my front page i have designed a Venue layout before i actually start coding the website out. This Layout page will be mainly for when the user clicks on ‘More Info’ button on any of the venues it will come up with a picture of the venue and then all the vital details about that venue.

Here is the image i created in Photoshop :


As you can see if have stuck with the same colour pallet along as the front page but this might change because i don’t believe that this is the right colour pallet for this kind of website.

They are two buttons running along side the image which leads to book now which will open a form that will book it but i don’t think i will go that into depth within the website i just want the user to feel comfortable and know where they are when they are browsing.

Other information like Location and Venue type are also within this page and this can define the venue. Also they are information for Vibe, food and overview this will really sell it to the user.




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