Visual Communications: Assignment 4 – Poster Ad / Bus Shelter Ad


I wanted to apply a standard Apple layout for a poster ad but do something different from the appalling logo that Apple brought out when they was unveiling Mountain Lion Operating System, but that is just my opinion.


The Poster’s size is : Medium but can be available to expand to large for Bus Shelters.

My Idea was to have a Mountain Lion to have the Apple Logo in its mouth but with the timescale i would of liked to improve this but the hand in dates are approaching.

I Researched online that Apple use Myraid font type in their posters adverts and at the bottom i have decided to define what the poster means and that is ‘Mountain Lion OS X’ and then took a famous tagline that Apple also have used in previous adverts and that is ‘The Power to be your best’. I thought this would be a i appropriate tagline because we are trying to sell a operating system by saying this is for the user, this is made for the user.



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