Crafts and Media: Audio – Research


Now we have decided that we are doing a Q&A type discussion with a Musician, i have decided that i would do some research into the field we are doing to get some background knowledge on asking questions.

Anyway I was looking on the net and mainly magazines and top radio shows are recoignised with Q&A type discussions and hear are a couple:

NME – : This is a well known music magazine that does alot of Q&A with artists on new tracks, albums stuff like that. Along with this magazine they are more like kerrang etc. These also do Blogs, Vlogs and write up of who they are reviewing.

BBC Radio – : This is also a well known radio show that attracts millions of listeners every day because of their well organised and delivered content.  Because these type of radio shows are more into the ‘Top 40’ they only review them sort of band but with BBC Radio having many more channel’s like Radio 2,3,4 etc the content that they promote changes in the type of genre the viewers listen to.



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