Visual Communications: Assignment 4 – Rationale


To end this semester of Visual Communications with all the content i have uploaded over the past 4 assignments i will end with the final Rationale of Visual Communications.

For the Final Assignment it was all based on Advertisements. Being a Apple fan I am i started reviewing operating systems that they have brought out and i thought the newest operating system, Mountain Lion’s branding was mediocre but got millions of people to buy the new operating system because its Apple.

At the beginning i thought lets go straight into the TV Advertisement because Apple showcase most of their technology on the TV, for example the IPhone 5 etc

As you can see in my treatment on how i planned out my advert by drawing down some sketches of how i wanted each scene to look like and you can find these on a earlier post.

At the end of the TV AD i want a Mountain Lion with a Apple Logo coming out of its mouth showcasing the Operating System then a tagline, i therefore took that final scene of my Advertisement and turned that into a poster that will also be showcased everywhere like Bus Shelters and Shops etc.

I Felt i did a good job with this assignment and improved the ‘boring; original Mountain Lion logo that Apple have created. I also feel that over this first year i have improved on each assignment and therefore pick branding myself was the most exciting and best assignment i did.




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