Crafts and Media: Audio – Treatment


As apart of the documentation that needs to be added with our group work we have to submit a treatment which basically says what we are doing in the actual documentary and what each line is etc.

The Documentary will open with a brief introduction to the Radio Show if you haven guessed what we are doing in recent posts, it will also introduce the interviewers and the interviewee. This will be done initially between the 2 interviewee’s because their isn’t really a Radio Host to talk.

The Next segment in the Radio Show is a narrative. Because we are doing a narrative discussion we have to have a talk over somewhere in our audio. So in our recording time we had Rivers talking about his life which will be broadcasted after the introduction is kicked in, this will be followed by various sound bites of Rivers band’s music.

The discussion will then start with a brief Hello and its good to be hear.

Then the interviewees will ask questions to Rivers and they will be in the script that i will be uploading soon.

Then the audio will end with ‘This is a has been a ‘Radio Show’ broadcoast etc just to make the listeners sure that the discussion has finished and that should be the end of the 5 minutes.



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