Craft and Media: Audio – Script


Here is a copy of the script.

Opening music: Chachalala by Jim Johnson

Narrator: Rivers Johansson is a singer/song writer born in Beverley, East Yorkshire he is most
famously known as the third member of the proclaimers. He has returned to Beverley after a 4 year
hiatus in Australia. He is currently touring Beverley with his new blues band Bad Hat Harry.

Interviewer 1: Good morning listeners and welcome to another episode of Butternut Squash Music
mix. I am your host Hayley Williams and today we have a special guest.

Interviewer 2: Hey Ross Barnett here. Today we have Rivers Johansson joining us. But before we get
started here is a clip of his latest show at the house of blues in New Orleans.

Play clip of lies in our grave by Rivers Johansson

Interviewer 1: Thanks for joining us today.

Rivers: Thanks for having me

Interviewer 2: So Rivers what got you into music what was your Charlie Chaplin finding the hat

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer 1: Who was your biggest influence, your biggest musical crush.

Rivers: Answers the question

Interview2: So Rivers how did you break into the music industry.

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer1: So Rivers how is the new record coming along

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer2: So you’re currently touring Beverley how is that going

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer2: Well thanks for coming in Rivers it has been fun

Rivers: Thanks for having me; it is good to be back in my home town of Beverley.

Play clip of outdoor type to end

Fade to silence




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