Crafts and Media : Photography – Evaluation


I feel like i have done the best possible work i could have done to create two separate CD Covers.

But now i have completed them both i have come to a conclusion that when creating your own CD cover it is much easier then trying to recreate an existing piece of album artwork because no matter what you do, for example you cant get the lighting on the pictures right or something isn’t just relating to the cover. That’s why i have nominated that my own personal CD Cover is better then the U2 Cover which i tried really hard at because its a band i love and i wouldn’t of chose that iconic album cover because i didn’t love and want to do a exact replica of that cover. Credit to each and every person who creates albums covers.

Things the i could do to improve both CD Covers next time –

Maybe have inside artwork of band or solo artist

Pick another band to portray that i don’t like.



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