Crafts and Media : Audio – Evaluation


The final edit is done and all the paperwork is their to be submitted and this post is just to review on how i thought i did over this full assignment.

Overall now listening to the final edit i feel comfortable that we all put our best into this final piece of work of Audio. But even from the first assignment in this subject ( the one that didn’t get marked ) i was pretty comfortable of using software like Audacity and Adobe Audition because i am familiar with that software and done projects in and away from uni.

Things i could improve :

Little features of the recording studio i might of not picked up.

Other little features that i haven’t heard of in Audacity and Adobe Audition

Things that we could do if we was asked to do it again :

Apart from the subject we did and that we left it to the final week to record, but that cant be helped due to bookings and other people in the class.




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