Designing for the User – Evaluation


I Have reviewed my my feed back that i have got off my user testing and also sat back and gave my website a final look through after its all been put up to the server and i have come to some conclusion about my website.

With me just starting off in bootstrap its a tricky piece of kit but it is very useful for a web developer because Jquery examples are already pre-installed in the files when you download it, you just need to know how to use it and that’s what was the problem with my website. Browsing various tutorials trying to find how to code this website up.

I do believe now i have a fully working website this will lead me into good stead for next semester where we will be learning a lot more about bootstrap and with this knowledge i will have a heads up.

Down to the website i believe the website is not bad compared to some of the additional comments in the user testing but it did need  a lot of tweaking and healing before it went up on the server. A problem that i had with this website in particular was that with the Jquery i had to put a separate container around all of the picture sliders and that probed a problem, i couldn’t center that container for some reason. I don’t know what the explanation was for this but i have found out that most of these party booking websites have a sidebar for maybe ads etc so that’s what i will put in its place.

To the Responsive side of this website. I have tried my hardest to get this to work on device such as IPad, IPhone etc but theirs always a couple of pixels out or something is out of place. I found this great add on that is incorporated into bootstrap and that is the little icon you can use for devices that when it is minimized it brings an icon up for the navigation, which i will show in the presentation.