Marketing for the Web – 3 ways a good design makes you happy


In Todays lesson we was made to go home and revise about this ted talk on and give our opinion on it.

Here is the Video:

Here is my notes that i jotted down whilst watching the video:

  • Ping Pong table where when the ball hits the table the water ripples and the fish move out the way.( Good Design )
  • Google where at the end of the page the amount of O’s in Google represents the amount of data that has gathered in pages.
  • Design and Emotion = Don Norman’s Website
  • Mini Cooper design fun!
  • Fear changes the way you think
  • When your anxious you squirt neurotransmitters into your brain which focuses you
  • Setting deadlines makes you anxious, then when your happy, you get a little problem and your like ‘ yeah, I’ll sort it out’

Viseral – Dislike Type fonts and things that are hot, loud sounds etc

Behavioral – Sub Conscious – Way you work, feeling in control, usability, automotive behavior

Reflective – Little part of your brain that looks at your actions