Marketing for the Web – Target Audience


Target Audience is key when building a website because if your not aiming that website at anybody it will almost doubtingly fail, users that will use the page will have thoughts on how they could improve the usability of the page etc.

Dealing with a client is totally different as we will find on the client project where you as a web designer has to be continually in communication with the client because if there isn’t a website built in a specific way then you wont get paid.

For My Client for the Web i will be creating a one off exhibition that will be about the four elements.

So what i thought is i would do a one page website about how these elements are made and abused in a environmental cause.

Firstly i thought it would be a good idea to maybe aim this website at kids because when i was at school it was a big deal in science about fossil fuels etc and how we can increase our carbon footprint, so i thought i would be a good idea to set up this elements website that supports that and gives them a bit of knowledge going into there exams and later on in life. I’ve already done some designs but i wont talk about them till after this discovery phase.

Bright colours will definitely attract secondary school kids but the main aim of this website is to make the users get the best user experience they can possibly get. So by doing that i will be creating a one page website by using parallax and applying more JQuery and flash to make it more interactive for the user.