Interactive Enviroments : Mood board



Here is my mood board for Interactive Environments, i will go through each picture and why i picked them:

Smoke – In 1890 industrialization was massive, everybody would work in factories if they wasn’t working as servants for someone in a higher class. There’s a series on BBC one i watch is called Ripper Street and that’s in this generation where Jack the ripper was about but when the camera pans out you cant even see the ground of London’s streets because its just full of smoke off these industrial plants that put it into the atmosphere.

Hay – Horses was a big source of transport in them days and that’s what the hay supposed to mean. Everybody would use the horses back in them days if you couldn’t afford a cart.

Tape – Tailored suit and dresses was big in these days and everybody always looked good. Fashion was maybe the biggest highlight in the 1890’s.

Beer – Also everybody wanted a good time and drank into the night with loads of pubs open. Even the butlers was drink when they had time off to themselves when they wasn’t serving.

Watch – This was a mood to go back in time and see how they lived.