Interactive Enviroments : Style board



Here is my style board for interactive environments. I will talk about why i have chosen some of the pictures i have on here, and also the words will be in my descriptive words on an earlier post.

Man on left and Woman on right – These two are on there dew to fashion. You can tell by this photo that these was pretty well off in the generation and that they had loads of money and a big county house just by the way they dress. An example of this can be the men the hats they wore got longer the higher up you wear in class. So if you see a picture of a servant and a picture of a lord then you could tell the difference in the way they dress. I reckon this dressing was to a formal party of some sort but then again they wear stuff like this to go out just to show off there class.

County House – You knew you was big time when you had a county house. Many of them are lost now but i have researched a couple of them in the local area which we will be putting together in a map for the app. But these County houses was built by hand and normally by the family members well into the past, these houses would come with aches of beautiful land to look at.

Cart – Transport was minimum in this generation and you would have walk around or uses horses and cart the higher up in class you was.