Marketing for the Web – Style board



This was originally meant to be a mood board but me and Sally had a chat about my client mood board and it was only right that it would fit into the style board category because a mood board is more about how the the user feels not how the user will act. So with that being said this is my style board and my mood board will be uploaded soon.

Recycle Logo – I have put this in there because as a child the first thing you should know is about how to recycle and what the national logo is, so when they see it they knows what it means.

Charizard – This is a well know character off a well known anime called Pokemon. Well when i was at primary school i would watch Pokemon in the morning before school, its just for a understanding over fire in a child’s mind.

Wind Turbine – There everywhere. Children will see these big ‘windmill like machines’ and think what are they. This is what the website is about, hopefully when they get to the subject about the environment they will see my exhibition and this will explain a lot of things about the world and how the world works, and how we can all do our bit to save the environment.

World – This is also a image for pollution because as we use more raw materials the earth gets warmer, melting the ice caps eventually filling the sea with more water that it can handle then places start to flood and become under water.