Marketing for the Web : Mood board



Here is my mood board for marketing for the web and what ill be doing is writing a bit about each picture and why i chose them:

Magnifying Glass: I have got this on my mood board because you use a magnifying glass to make things big and that’s what i want to do, make the appeal of pollution bigger. I also want the users to search through the website to find some interesting facts and also interact with the animated interface.

Woman looking through book: I want this website to be a source of research just like any other website would be. Facts will pop up to the user to answer and it like the user will be going on a journey off how pollution is destroying this world.

Volume Bottom: What i wanted to get out of this picture is what volume is to science and that is,the amount of space taken up by a substance like a container. It always does not to be an container it also can be a car or a bag .e.c.t In my website i can represent this by how many cans, plastic bag are in the sea or something like that, a crazy fact they didn’t know.

Eyes: I want this to  be visually appealing so i can attract the kids, because that’s what kids like colours and act as if they are playing a game and that’s the same experience i want to out of this website.

Hand: Although this website wont have any touch sensitive parts to it, i want them to feel like they could if they wanted. With this being implemented it could be schools and be used on there IPads as a example of a great resource during their exams.