MFTW and IE: Colours







While in return, subtract cyan – magenta – yellow – black and you will get the RGB colors. CMYK colors are subtractive for this very reason that it starts with all colors and when colors are subtracted the outcome is black (see below color swatch, the inside color is white). This is because the colors absorb the light.




To further summarize what has been discussed, when it comes to deciding which color group to use, first figure out what the output will be. If the output will be on a computer monitor then RGB is the way to go. If the piece will be printed, CMYK is usually the standard and the best option.

Standard 16 Colour Hex Codes :

 Black or 000000  Gray or 808080  Silver or C0C0C0  White or FFFFFF
 Navy or 000080  Blue or 0000FF  Teal or 008080  Aqua or 00FFFF
 Purple or 800080  Maroon or 800000  Red or FF0000  Fuschia or FF00FF
 Green or 008000  Lime or 00FF00  Olive or 808000  Yellow or FFFF00


Primary –

Red, Yellow & Blue

These colors cannot be mixed from any other colors. The triangle they form on the color wheel is called the primary triad.

Secondary –

When two primaries are mixed, secondary colors are formed:

  • red & yellow = Orange
  • red & blue = Violet
  • yellow & blue = Green

Orange, violet and green form the secondary triad.

Tertiary –

When a primary color is mixed with a secondary color tertiary colors are made:

  • yellow & green = Yellow-green
  • green & blue = Blue-green
  • blue & violet = Blue-violet
  • violet & red = Red-violet
  • red & orange = Red-orange
  • orange & yellow = Yellow-orange