User Journey – MFTW

Marketing for the Web

Home Screen

This website is only a one page layout and what you see on the home page is what you get. At the top of the page is a simple navigation, which will stay at the top of the page when the user scrolls down. On this navigation will be the logo, a simple search element, 4 element style buttons and then a login icon.

The four elements will be represented in four different sections when the user scrolls down; each page will describe why pollution is affecting the world. Also they will be a little email form where the user can input their email for notifications about the exhibition.



The logo will show off each of the four elements and the name could be as simple as ‘The Elements’ because that’s what the user will be looking at.


The Search box will allow the user to search for specific keywords down the page, which will highlight them.

Elements Buttons

They will be four themed elements buttons. One for Fire, Water, Wind and Rain, if clicked the user will be scrolled down to that specific block for the information


They will be a login icon that will drop down for the user to login into. Once the user has logged in if they click on it again the have the option to change text throughout the website.