Web Fonts – MFTW

Here are some web fonts that i found on web designer website, and they say they are essential to web design at this moment in time.

There is undoubtedly a font for every occasion and certain designs demand certain fonts. However, there are a few fonts that every designer should have in their collection. Here we pick a selection of free and premium fonts that if you don’t have you should get now.

5 Essential web fontsMONTSERRAT
Price: Free
URL: http://bit.ly/10kSrDX
Montserrat is a stunning free web font, perfect for any Gotham Enthusiasts out there. Inspired by posters and signage in a traditional Buenos Aires neighbourhood, it comes in two weights and is available from Google Web Fonts. This is a versatile font that looks great in big, display type and in smaller sizes.
BEST FOR: Headlines, body, small sizes

5 Essential web fontsOSWALD
Price: Free
URL: bit.ly/ZDWXKB
Oswald is a tall condensed sans serif, with a lot of character. If you like League Gothic you’ll love Oswald. It’s been designed with the screen in mind and comes in three weights; light, normal and bold. Looks great in all caps stretching across the top of your site.
BEST FOR: Headlines

5 Essential web fontsPLAYFAIR DISPLAY
Price: Free
URL: bit.ly/Zp5G7r
Playfair Display is a beautiful serif display font. Perfect for big headlines, it has high-contrast letterforms, an extra large x-height and short descenders. It comes in three weights and italics, and looks great stacked on top of itself. If you’re a fan of Georgia for body copy, Playfair Display is the perfect accompaniment.
BEST FOR: Headlines, Italics

5 Essential web fontsDROID SERIF
Price: Free
URL: www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/droid-serif
Droid Serif is a good-looking contemporary serif font, designed for legibility on screen. This is an excellent choice for body copy but has enough character to hold its own in larger headlines too. Droid Serif comes in two weights, with italics and has a sibling in the form of Droid Sans, a complementary sans-serif version.
BEST FOR: Body, italics

5 Essential web fontsARCHER
Price: $199
URL: bit.ly/1bc018Y
Archer is a beautiful little slab-serif from Hoefler and Frere-Jones. While it may carry a high price tag, its versatility makes it well worth the money. It’s clean and credible but still full of character. It comes in eight weights and 40 styles. H&FJ’s web fonts have all recently been redesigned for web and mobile..
BEST FOR: Headlines, body, italics


I might use one of these fonts for my website and import them by Google Fonts