Marketing for the Web – Pro’s and Cons about Parallax

It has the ability to create a dynamic, interactive user experience that can be very visually appealing.You can put all your content on one page so that users do not have to navigate through several different pages or wait for them to load.

Typically, designers rely on graphics and colors to lead the users’ eye around the website. With parallax scrolling, the user can literally be led around the website in any direction

As one might expect with this technique, the biggest advantage of parallax web design is that users don’t have to click through page after page to see content. It also makes updating a website easier as all the content for a website is on a single HTML page.

However, this is also the biggest disadvantage of parallax web design. As noted by David Walsh  in his blog: “The discouraging news is that your site will have all its content in one file. That is to say, when somebody comes to your site, the browser will load all texts, images and videos in one go.” Of course, that means a very slow load time, and adding more and more features drags that time down even further.

Another problem with the single-page format of parallax is that the entire site will be limited to (or defined by) one to three keywords. On a website with 10 pages, the use of as many as 30 keywords can help draw visitors to the website; on a site featuring a parallax design, that number shrinks to three.

There’s also a disadvantage when it comes to linking: With a multi-page website, links can be targeted to specific information; with a site featuring a parallax design, there is (once again) just a single page to link to.