Marketing For the Web – Login and CMS Problems

On my 4 Elements site, the administrator can log in and log out. The only thing is with the Login say if i use my username and password and its successful the login box will stay their even though the user has logged in.

This is a problem i have been having for a couple of weeks now. The problem is how can i hide this div, and i have been experimenting for weeks now and researching online but the same piece of code pop ups and i know its the right code but maybe i am either putting it wrong or misplacing it. The code is:

    jQuery('#hideshow').live('click', function(event) {        

This cannot be done in HTML/CSS, it has to be done by either Jquery or JavaScript.

The second issue i had with building a site with Parallax is the Content Management System. Since this is only a one page website unlike websites that have 3 or 4 pages i found it very difficult to refresh the page or even get the cms system to fit in wit my website.

I have now had to draw a line under it to focus on all my other stuff but apart from the login box little problem which doesnt make a difference it will be fine.