Marketing for the Web – Colours

When i first started this assignment i decided that i was definalty going to aim this at childern in primary schools because i think we have to make how raw materials are making the environment weak and how we can stop that.

Then i thought what colours do kids like?? All i had to do is what a simple successful childerns advert or program to discover that they like bright and viberant colours to make them more appealing to the eye and get them excited.

For Water and Wind, i though they will both be blue but know that ‘the deep dark sea’ i would do a dark blue and then the sky i would do light blue with hints of white into it. Here is the colour palette i based it on:



Then for fire i would go dark red/ orange colour which means danger because fire is danger but it needs to stand out on the page.



Then for earth i would have raw colours and colours that show off out countrysides because thats what they are destroying to bury garbage underneath the ground.