Marketing for the Web – My first stage of SEO

My first stage of Search Engine Optimization is Keywords.

Having Keywords such as the descriptive words in my site will product my site in being more fun to look at an learn. At the title screen their is words like explore and discover because as you go down my site you find out stuff you didn’t know about the 4 elements, and what happens them that damages our planet and effects our environment

With these keywords i feel that they are readable by KS1 and KS2, or i would of put that in the website because even though the teachers and principles of schools will be looking at this website debating wither its a good exhibition to take its children too. I hope the children will look at this website and understand how fun the exhibition is.

4Elements is the websites keyword and title. I wanted it to be simple and you cant get any simple then just the 4Elements. When you see the logo you will automatically feel that its about science and about Earth, Fire, Water, Wind. This logo will not be at the top of the page or even the bottom when i come to deisign the mockups up for this website i felt it was right just to put it in the tagline of the website where it goes ‘ Welcome to the 4 Elements’, then the page description underneath that.