Marketing for the Web – Science Musuem

As I am doing the four elements in a environmental kind of view i have decided that i would rather do my exhibition for the Science museum.

I did a lot of research into the four element have if they have been portrayed on a website before, the answer is no. They is not one single website that has decided that they want to help the environment and create a exhibition website for users to view. Their is website of artists painting about each of the 4 elements which are excellent drawings but not one with them all together.

So i decided ill have a look on the science museum website about how they ave portrayed each of the element and the environment in their museum because i know they do a lot of work with technology to get the information across.

The way they have done it is they have explained what environmentalism is for a start to get the knowledge of the viewers up to date. After this they have gone down a more how you are effecting global warming through exhibitions using steam, water and also effecting the weather. In one exhibition they are going down the destruction by water which i know Danny is doing and that’s called Heavy Water.