Marketing for the Web – Updated User Journeys


The user wont be able to log in because it’s a site to view, they don’t need login details because they shouldn’t really need to add information to the site because all that will be done by the creator/ admin of the site

When the admin accesses the index page they will see a login box in the top left corner where the admin can put in their username and password. After this is successful they will see a login status pop up in the top right corner saying ‘username logged in’. Next to that you can see a ‘not you’ option where if the admin is not logged in and you’ve logged in as someone else you can log in as someone else but theirs only one user on the database anyway.

Navigate down the page

When the user accesses the index page they will see the ‘welcome to the 4 elements’ sign with the login above it. The user has to click on the green arrows to navigate down the page. Until you get to the bottom and hit the footer and have to scroll up to the element you want.

Social Media

In between the header and the welcome part there are various logos for social media sits, at the moment these don’t work. But when the user scrolls down the footer they will be able to click on both Facebook and Twitter links in the description at the bottom.

Google Maps

When the user scrolls down to the bottom of the page they will get to see where the Science Museum is by looking at it in Google maps. Its like the user doesn’t have to move off the page because they have the opening times for that museum and they know where it i.