Self Initiated Project – Option 1

The objective in this assignment is to build a website, application etc of your choice about what ever you want. Some reasoning for the build will be needed and target markets etc will need investigating and given at the end of the project.

For my first option i can choose from was building a website for the local company my dad works for which is FTP Electrical. This is a local business based in Hull but has various clients across the UK.

Here is the website, to see what you think:

I thought it was a pretty basic site for a company that tests electrical’s all over the country, so my first option was to rebuild this website.

It would be easy to get the information out of the company because as i have said they are local and also my dad works for them.

This website also has a admin system. Since i haven’t accessed it i don’t know the full capability of the website and that might be one of the questions i would ask in an interview. If it was a small administration system this could be an area to strengthen in the website with maybe a commenting system where the customers give feedback etc.