Self Initiated Project – Option 3

Since i have 2 different options of what to build for my Self Initiated Project i though i would just think of a 3rd and final option which i think is the one that i might look at.

Option 3 – Responsive Website

Since i have used Bootstrap in Year 1 and then built a Parallax site in Year 2 i think i should finish this academic year and build a fully responsive website.

I have already been looking at frameworks for this site such as Foundation and looking at using the grid system that Bobby used in semester 2 etc and this will be on a post of my research later.

So what will the website be about – Well when i was research genres for an Application i came over food and drink and realised this would be a great background for what i can build a website on. Having a restaurant voting system just pops into my head as i say it.

This Website will be able to be viewed on mobile device for people on the go and tablets for people who want something local and haven’t got there laptop or computer.

Research will be upload in the future about simalar website that are out there not like Hungry House or Just Eat where you can order your food online etc.