Self Initiated Project – Web Designer Issue 219

After buying the recent version of Web Designer which is issue 219 i found a great example of a website called:

For enthusiasts, the instruments that define legendary records and the artists themselves are important. Couple this with the fervent obsessiveness associated with guitar players and you should understand the appeal of this site.
FlatGuitars presents a growing collection of illustrated guitars associated with the world’s most famous players. The brainchild of Spanish designer David Navarro, the concept originated from his photo-realistic rendering of a Gibson Explorer in Photoshop. Taking inspiration from José Guizar’s David decided to embrace the vector-based trend for the ‘flat’ illustrative style.

This is a very visual website that uses Parallax to it’s extreme. I did notify Rivers about this find because i know he likes his guitars and he’s looking into Parallax this semester.

I will keep posted on any interesting website i find that can inspire me or others in the group throughout this semester.