Self Initiated Project – Which Way to go down

With Food and Drink being a big a very broad area to base a website on, i have decided to narrow down my idea to one out of two specific ideas.

Different Food Dishes (Rating System) :

What i was thinking is having a range of dishes that can be viewed by people who have had these meals and they will be a commenting system with a five star review on it to influence the users experience.

This could also have a drink element where if the user has had a branded drink or a drink somewhere the user can also comment .

this is a good example of how food recipes work as in the user wants to make a dish etc. This is a magazine by the BBC but is a very well structured website that gives you ‘How to’s’ on how to cook food.

This website looks very in depth like and actual recipe book would look,

Restaurant Reviewer/Order Takeaway System :

The other area i could sway this website into was the restaurant and takeaway business where the the customer browses a takeaways menu and they deliver it to there how , therefore wiping out the telephone orders.

This website would be like the Hungry House and Just Eat’s of this world but having a commenting/ 5 star review system, where the customer comes back and gives their verdict on how nice it was, fastness etc.

These website are hopefully going to be responsive so you can look at them on other multimedia devices like mobile, with that restaurant idea being more suitable for a responsive site. The idea of a customer wanting to order a takwaway, all the have to do is get out there phone/ tablet and having a quick order system which will be in the decision process, instead of ringing up or going onto their family pc.